Better BESS with trading expertise & great technology
Our Customers
Price curves that are aligned with traded markets
Bring-your-own-data for custom analysis
Calculations at the speed of right-now!
Generate and visualize distributions of data/results.
Best-in-class data management tools for all data & calculations
Find the best sites

USE heatmaps to find the best sites to buy and build energy storage. Iterate over many asset parameters to inform optimal capital spend.

Analyze a universe of outcomes

RUN multiple scenarios to understand the impact of different asset parameters on revenue and risk. Use the results to inform financing decisions.

Distill the data into actionable insights

MAKE commercial decisions using reports that have depth of detail and are standardized for ease of use.

Operate assets like a pro

ENHANCE returns by unleashing the power of real-world expertise and machine-driven code.

Benchmark against the BOS Index

BENCHMARK against BatteryOS' proprietary BOS <ISO> Index.The index is published monthly and is available for free to all subscribers.

UNDERSTAND peer performance in detail and compare against the BOS <ISO> Index.


  • Quarterly price forecasts
  • Operating asset information
  • Price history
  • Price forecast
  • Web Access
  • API Access
  • Asset Studies
  • Heatmaps
  • Information
  • Performance
  • Available
  • Included (in some plans)